Project LUCID

Environmental Scan & Needs Assessment

Project LUCID is a community-based action research project seeking to understand the current program/service landscape for people being held in, and recently released from, adult (18+) provincial custody in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Specifically, we are conducting an environmental scan and needs assessment to help us identify current needs, barriers, and gaps with respect to programs, services, and supports (e.g. education, employment, housing, family/child, etc.) delivered within adult provincial correctional facilities and throughout communities in the GTA.

Through a mixture of interviews, surveys, and focus groups, we will be collecting data from four key groups: (1) people being held in and released from adult provincial custody, (2) community-based service providers, (3) key stakeholders (e.g. government, funding organizations), and (4) Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) staff and management.

Upon completion of this project, we hope to (a) use a collective impact framework to address the barriers and gaps identified through the research, and (b) promote the use of the data, by broader audiences, to inform future research, program/service innovation, and policy innovation. The long-term, overarching, goal of this project is to improve re-entry outcomes through increased access to needed supports.

This project is funded and supported by the City of Toronto and Laidlaw Foundation.